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Kundalini Reiki Treatments


Kundalini Reiki Energy adapts to the needs of the recipient, helps maintain clear thinking, promotes personal awareness, enhances universal connection, fosters natural self healing, relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety, balances energies in and around the body, relieves pain and discomfort..

For those whom are past the usual Reiki needs, many services are 

available using this vibration Contact for list of services and details.

Spiritual Mediumship Reading

I ask that Spirit steps forward for the sitter(client) I will get a description, bring some memories through and a message.. as spirit gives to me I will pass to you. I make no promises as to what spirit will step forward during the read.  There are many reasons spirit does and does not step forward during a read.  This is also not just limited to passed loved ones, it can be distant family, generational family, friends, acquaintances, old work relations, guides, and Angels....

DUO ENERGY Sessions with Stef Veon

Stef and I combine our unique talents and gifts and downloads and bring together Galactic Star Seed Energy with Shamanic Earth Energy and Usui and Kundalini Reiki Energy to be channeled to you to meet you on your specific path you are currently traveling on your Journey.

Message or text for Specific Details

Price Specials:

Half Hour Sessions


Hour Sessions


Duo Reads with Ace of Earth, LLC Jennifer Carrol

Half hour sessions $75

Hour $100

                               ENERGY HEALING MANAGEMENT

Packages Available

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*Intuitive guidance and Healing Combo's Available


Tarot Card Reading – Original Rider Waite Cards

A reading can help guide through emotions and thoughts that you have been feeling and leave you with a fresh outlook on situations and life.

Fairy Card Reading – Fairy Card Deck

The fairy and all who dwell in that dimension are wise and always uplifting. This reading offers gentle guidance to aid one in their current perspective regarding life situations.

Energy Card Reading – Angel Energy Card Deck

These cards correspond directly to where your current energy status is focusing towards. This reading offers gentle direction to enhance energy focus for maximum results for your optimal wellness.

I use a combination of cards, unless specified and only a certain deck is requested.  

Current Energy Exchange Specials:

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